Ring 25

AKC National Championship 2020


10:00 am

Poodles (Miniature)

10:20 am


11:25 am

Poodles (Toy)

12:45 pm

Poodles (Standard)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my ticket to gain access to the show?

You will use the email address you used for purchasing the ticket and the order number from your order. After entering those two pieces of information you’ll be granted access to the content. If the show is not live yet you’ll see an image or message that indicates that your ticket is confirmed.

How do I find my Order Number?

Your order number is on your automatic email receipt from the shop you purchased the ticket from.

I can’t find my email receipt, what should I do?

First, make sure to check your spam, junk, or “promotional” folders in your email. Search your email using the name of the shop or vendor you purchased from. If you still cannot find it, write the support email at the shop you purchased from.

There is a chance you’ve entered your email incorrectly at checkout, in which case you should send along other identifying information about your order like day & time of purchase, what was in your order, and your first and last name. Shop support will help you locate the ticket. akcppv@akc.org

How many devices can I watch from?

You may access the show from up to 3 browsers on devices you own. You may not share your access with others, doing so may result in locking out your own access to the show. Accesses made prior to the day of the show will not count against your total. Sharing ticket access with others may result in blocking of access or legal action.

What if I have trouble using my ticket?

If you have trouble accessing your ticket via email address + order number, then please contact the shop you purchased the ticket from (akcppv@akc.org), they can assist you. Make sure to double check that you’ve used the email address you used for the purchase and the Order Number.

What if I bought more than one ticket?

If you purchased more than one ticket on the same order, you can share your additional tickets with others. To do so, they will use your email address that you used for ticket purchase and the order number with a number appended to it. For example, if your order number is 123ABC and you ordered three tickets. You can use Order Number 123ABC, and 123ABC2 and 123ABC3 to access the show.